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Zeta Pi Alumni Reunion - USF Homecoming 2000

Kirk & Steve climb a tree, scaled a wall, and crawled under a tent to get beer and Steve had a broken ankle - that's dedication!

Chandler and Sandman @ the Sunshine Conference Pike Party

Todd, Kurt, Ed and Keith at a Pike Social

The Best Pledge Class that ever existed and I got 19 brothers to back me up!!! Phi Phi Guys - it was a fun trip!

America's Most Wanted!!!
Scotty, Bobby and Jimmy

Founder's Day 96 - the alumni beat the chapter in softball

Chandler with Barry, Scott, and Greg at a Pike Party jamming to Van Halen

Steve "Mr. USF" Sargeant with his new paddle

Glenn "Scammer" Gallagher - posed for this picture to submit to the Mr. USF competition.

Sandag, Root and Alderman at Pike Party

Alderman' Wedding = Gigante, Sargeant, Calderone, Alderman, McCann, Gallagher, and Alderman

Kidnapped - Can anyone guess who?
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Carr, Root, and Sarge living it up at a Pike Party

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale...

Ed Corns and who???
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Who's in this picture???
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Glenn, Kirk and Mike showing off the letters

Oh, The Pain, The Pain!
Broken ankle - have pain - ice it down in the beer cooler

Andy Strauss - safe at first.

Kirk and Who?
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Wake Up Call! It's 7 A.M. in Daytona Beach & Keith, Ed and Kirk welcome it to Wild Turkey.

Robyn and Mike

Another Pike Party

Dream Girl Weekend or Bust! Little to my knowledge, Jeff and Mitch was redecorating my car liner by pulling it down - thanks Bothers!

Chandler, Steve, Kirk and Mark with Little Sisters from U of F.

Paul, Kirk, Barry and Mike on a Road Trip


Thanks for the memories, Kirk M. Alderman