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This is the time for all of us to reflect and give thanks for having the opportunity to live in the United States of America. The freedom that you and I take for granted is not a luxury that others have the opportunity to receive. Within our own country, many young men go through life seeking fame, fortune, and friendship, however, few discover the true treasures in life. For me, my treasures are my family, my freedom and my friendships that I have acquired through Pi Kappa Alpha. For me, I have been given an opportunity that many young men will miss out on because they are not part of Pi Kappa Alpha.

In which, the fraternity has given me the opportunity to develop myself to my fullest potential in all facets of life.

The opportunity to recognize the mistakes that I have made and press on to greater achievements.

The opportunity to maintain a positive frame of mind and reflect that everywhere I go.

The opportunity to continually work at developing love, happiness, and loyalty in my family and friends, and recognize that no other success can compensate for failure in the home.

The opportunity to seek out the goodness in everyone and attempt to maintain that relationship.

The opportunity to seek out improvement within myself no matter how hard it is to face the truth.

The opportunity to maintain an attitude that is open to all points of view.

The opportunity to help others in their time of need and maintain a positive influence.

The opportunity to always be loyal to my country, my family and friends.

And the opportunity to maintain the lasting and bonding friendships and brotherhood that I have developed through Pi Kappa Alpha. I thank you.

Phi Phi

Dr. Kirk Mitchell de la Torre Alderman


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